LIGHT BRUNETTES From Ivory to Caramel, these are the 12 Fashion Colours You Should Never Miss!

Rosy and creamy, the light brunette’s complexion easily reminds of cherry blossoms under the sun. These fashion hues accentuate your natural glow with a singular luminosity.

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The light brunette owns a very light, rosy complexion that builds a strong contrast to the rich reflexes of her light or middle brown hair shades. Her eyes, mostly blue, green, or brown, harmoniously enhance the soft natural light of her skin, without reaching the dramatic intensity of the snow white type. Other than the dark brunette, the light brunette’s appeal is rather cool and creamy, than warm and amber-like, which easily reminds of the beauty of ladies like Miranda Kerr, Anna Friel, Marion Cotillard, Laetitia Casta, Dakota Johnson and the Duchess of Cambridge.


Heather Barnes.

The gentle, luminous appearance of the bright brunette can be best styled with delicate color schemes. Therefore we choose our color inspiration in the the creamy fruity nuances of French patisserie to find the most beautiful fashion colors for this color type!

Below you will find the twelve color shades that should be never missed in the wardrobe of the light brunette summer type!


Gabriella Clare Marino

Fresh and creamy shades of white are the ‘must have’ for all light brunettes who prefer stylish, classic accents that stay youthful and truly versatile. Ivory white is the perfect shade for any occasion, can be combined with a wide variety of colors, and looks at its best with beautiful pearls and golden accessories. Match your ivory tones with black accents for some drama or with bright colors for a playful flair.


Gaelle Marcel

As a light brunette, you probably already know that all kinds of pastel colors are your best fashion and beauty all-rounders! Powdery pastel shades such as pink or peachy ballet flatter your natural luminosity and find their best uses for truly elegant, delicate, and nostalgic fashion looks. Choose your powdery ballet pinks in soft textiles like silk or satin for a more ethereal effect.


Tomoko Uji

Soft pink shades have a more intense and a warmer effect than blush, nude, or powder shades. They are ideal for delicate fashion looks that will give you more romantic accents. A light brunette wears a soft pink for fashion statements that make her look as fresh as a spring rose. Combine your delicate pinks with white for a spring or summer look, with silver or gold for discrete glamorous effects, or with all kinds of grey for the perfect office look.



Joanna Kosinska

All sorts of pink shades that can be found among the juiciest berries are absolutely gorgeous for the light brunette type! Choose your berry pink shades rather warmer than cooler, more reddish than blueish, to get the right tone for completion. Berry pink gives you an irresistible warmth and offers the perfect setting for lively, playful looks that can be perfectly combined with the most metallic greys. For a more classic effect match your berry shades with black.


Roksolana Zasiadko

If you are a light brunette with a more energetic, outgoing temperament, the very soft, delicate pastel shades will not always appeal to your taste. Your preferred fashion colors will rather radiate a very lively, powerful flair, a set of shades that you will perfectly find in all possible warm red hues. Our favorite for you: cherry red! Combine it with other red shades for a more intensive effect and with pink for a sophisticated touch.


Chelsea Audibert

Light yellow shades such as pastel or vanilla yellow, especially the tones that have a very slight sunny touch, are ideal for light brunettes who unpretentiously wish to accentuate their natural luminosity. Fashion pieces in these soft yellow shades meld happiness with sophistication, and impress at any time with a youthful remarkable elegance. Combine them with silver for a more luminous accent and with grey for a lively office look.


Nicole Giampietro

When the light brunette looks around in the cooler side of the color palette, she finds her best matches among the most delicate pastel and sky blue shades! Fashion pieces in pastel blue build a subtle contrast to her rosy skin and can be perfectly combined with navy blue, black or pure white at any time of the year!


Sabrina Ringquist

There is a cool color that brings an alluring radiance to the light brunette fashion looks: sapphire blue! Particularly in the evening, this color nuance provides an extraordinary contrasts with the light complexion of the wearer, giving her a characterful aura. Combine your sapphire blues with white or silver accessories for a fancy touch and with black for deeper effects.

Ivan Bandura

A light brunette who can’t resist high-contrast fashion looks will find her best companion among the deeper, darker shades of the color palette. Navy blue gives her a majestic aura, and is excellent for classy fashion statements. For a glamorous effect, wear your deep blues in velvet, satin and brocade, for classic elegance, wear them in fabrics like wool, silk, or cotton. Some cherry red accents will give your navy blue a playful flair.



Eric Muhr

There is another cool color that looks absolutely adorable on the light brunette: Nile green! Particularly ideal for casual or business looks, the color nuances between Nile and mint green bring a quiet freshness to the rosy complexion of the light brunette. Combined with pastel-colored accessories, these soft green fashion looks are also ideal for summerly evening wear.


Wynand Uys

Rich green shades such as emerald green are perfect for the light brunette color type. Similar in depth to navy blue, these colors provide intense, noble contrasts, and are very versatile as well. Wear them in monochrome looks for an elegant statement or combine them with grey or black accessories for a sophisticated flair. Never forget to match your emerald green shades with silver jewelry for more luminosity.



Martin Sánchez

The light brunette Summer type acquires a very characteristic, elegant look with all brown hues that can remind of the warm shades of caramel. Try different shades until you find the right one for you: the one that matches best the light, medium, or dark brown reflections of your hair… or eyes!!

And how about you? Do you know more flattering fashion colors for the light brunette Summer type? Share them with us!

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