COOL WINTER 4 Amazing Fashion Colours for “Snow White Types”

The “Snow White type” stands out due to the strong contrast between her very light skin and her deep dark hair. With these four fashion colours she appears either ethereal or attains the most vibrant accents!

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The “Snow White lady” embodies probably the coolest version among the dark-haired types. The creamy lightness of her very fair, rosy complexion is accentuated by the deeply dark shades of her black or dark brown hair. Her eyes, either blue, green, gray, or brown, underline the intensive contrast of her general appearance and gives her a very expressive look, which is specially noticeable in actresses like Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, Katie McGrath, Krysten Ritter, Dita von Tesse, or Alexandra Daddario. Below, you will find four flattering fashion colours for the “Snow White” type!


Black is basically the colour that should be always “at hand” in the wardrobe of this cool winter type. More than being just neutral, black has a marked contrasting effect on “Snow White” ladies and flatters the wearer with a unique sophisticated way if combined with white, cream, or light beige shades.

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Lilac is a color that softly and charmingly accentuates the characteristic light-dark contrast of the Snow White winter type. Wear your lilacs in all their shades, then either in its most intense versions or in its softest hues, lilac is the fashion colour that will flatter your type with an unpretentious timeless romantic flair.

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The cool winter “Snow White” type who chooses fuchsia or also magenta hues will be ready to make a unique fashion statement full of character and self-confident femininity. The different hues of fuchsia make it truly versatile, but we shall never forget that the juicier its versions, the more playful will be the way to wear and combine them.

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Citrus Green

An especially bright and lively colour hue that flatters the “Snow White” winter type with a unique brilliance is citrus green. Combined with neutral colors like white, cream, or a very light beige as well as with silver, gold, or even fruity red shades, citrus green is truly versatile and the ideal companion for any occasion: from the office to the fanciest party!

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And how about you? Do you know more fashion colours that make the best of the “Snow White” winter type? Share them with us! Otherwise, you can find more color types here!

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