SOOTHING BLUE The Relaxing Power of Lavender for Hair, Skin, and Soul!

For ages, lavender was believed to have such healing and disinfecting properties, that it became a key ingredient in the battle against disease. Today, we love its soothing effects on these 14 amazing product lines!

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What could be nicer than a fine lavender aroma in your closet, in your drawers, or simply in the air, on your hair or your skin? This delicate, herbaceous fragrance is reminiscent of the endless blue fields of Provence, speaks of freshness, warmth and sun, and lets us quickly come up with the nicest thoughts. Since time immemorial, lavender has been associated with cleanliness, a property that can be already recognized in its name: Lavandula, as lavender is botanically called, may come from the Latin word lavare, which means to wash. The old Roman custom of throwing lavender flowers into the bath water, using them for cleaning wounds, and scenting fresh laundry is fully embodied in this term!

Image: Lavender field, Dóri Halászlaki.

For a long time, the use of lavender was pretty strong in the medical field. From the Middle Ages into the 18th century, doctors, pharmacists and perfumers were convinced that smells could decide over health and illness. Many ailments were attributed to a physiological imbalance, which could be compensated for with fragrant baths, liniments, and room scents. Aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary, sage, and mint were often combined in recipes that were used to clean and heal people and premises, particularly in times of major epidemics. In the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen, who attributed calming and antiseptic properties to lavender in the 12th century, the old recipes that have been handed down over time are still used today in the natural cosmetics field.

Today, we know that components of lavender such as linalool, linalyl acetate, cineol, coumarins and phytosterols have a sleep-inducing, calming, and antibacterial effect, and provide great relief especially when we struggle with stress, restlessness, excitement, mild depression, and insomnia. No wonder that many cosmetic brands have developed entire lines, in which the beneficial effects of lavender still play the main role!

Therefore: We found for you 14 great product lines based on lavender to treat yourself to a perfectly relaxing wellness ritual without stepping out from home!

1. Decléor

The French cosmetics company Decléor has been dedicated to natural skin care with essential oils since 1974, focusing on the connection between science and nature. With the Decléor Lavande Fine line, the company pays particular attention to the antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of true lavender, as well as its soothing aromatic effects. The various skin care products of the line are enriched with iris concrète, geranium oil, or jasmine absolue, and completely do without parabens, dyes, and mineral oils.

2. Creed

The former London tailor and men’s outfitter, and now Parisian perfume maker Creed looks back on a 250-year family tradition, and offers fragrance lines that are truly made for an elegant lifestyle. The Acqua Originale line consists of five eau de parfums, which celebrate the joy of life and are suitable for men and women. The Eau de Parfum Creed Acqua Originale Aberdeen Lavender impresses with bergamot, rosemary, lemon, and mugwort in the top note, lavender, lily, rose, and tuberose in the heart, and a base note made of patchouli, leather, and vetiver, which gives you a summery, floral flair!

3. Primavera

The South German company Primavera offers a wide range of skin care products from the areas of aromatherapy, organic, and natural cosmetics, and a precious line based on lavender oil. Alone in its pure form, the Primavera Lavender Fine Essential Oil can be used in the fragrance lamp or as a bath additive. Primavera relies on the calming properties of organic lavender, whose aromatic, herbaceous fragrance is harmonized with delicate vanilla or honey notes. Bath oil, shower cream, body oil, body cream, and a sauna infusion are some of the proud members of this great lavender family!

4. Dr. Hauschka

The first cosmetic products from Dr. Hauschka came onto the market in 1967 with the aim of maintaining the harmonious balance between man and nature. Since then, only bio-dynamic medicinal plants have been processed in them, which should promote the activation of the one’s own skin functions. The Dr. Hauschka lavender line intends one thing above all: to clear your head. In addition to the naturally calming scent of lavender, balancing plant extracts and pampering oils obtained from sandalwood, moor, lemon balm, horse chestnut or horsetail, which make the products suitable for a relaxing sleep, as well!

5. Kiehl’s

Established in 1851, the New York pharmacist Kiehl’s has made a name for itself in the development of particularly effective, high-quality skin care products based on natural ingredients. Lavender, of course, is the protagonist of two amazing skin care lines: While both rely on the deeply soothing, relaxing properties of lavender, the Lavender body care line with hand cream, peeling, body butter, and bubble bath is especially moisturizing. The Midnight Recovery facial care line regenerates and refreshes the skin overnight, and is suitable for all skin types!

6. L:A Bruket

The Swedish natural and organic cosmetics brand L:a Bruket sees nature as the main inspiration for the development of protective and regenerative skin care since 2008. The purity of the ingredients and their ability to withstand a harsh climate are seen as an absolute priority. In the tradition of old beneficial recipes for body and soul, L:a Bruket combines the essential oils of lavender, sage, and rosemary for a particularly aromatic experience. Other essential oils from almond, olives, coconut, cocoa, and shea butter ensure a rich, pampering effect!

7. Philip B.

The company Philip B. was founded in the 1990s by hair stylist Philip Berkowitz in Los Angeles with a very clear vision: purely herbal ingredients in very high concentrations as the most effective means for the care of demanding hair. Since then, the company has expanded its product range to include skin care, and has added pure Provencal lavender as the main component of two star products: the Philip B. Floral Lavender Hand Wash and the Philip B. Lavender Hand Crème. The natural antiseptic, aromatherapeutic properties of lavender are joined by high-tech botanical extracts and amino acids as well as rich, natural oils, which ensure high moisture and skin regeneration.

8. Klar

Founded in 1840, the Heidelberg based company Klar is Germany’s oldest soap manufacturer. Since then, the soaps have been largely produced domestically and by hand. Particular attention is paid to quality. Consisting of vegetable, natural ingredients, the Klar soaps provide a fine, creamy foam and a moisturizing effect. While the Klar Soap Lavender proves to be ideal for a relaxing shower, due to its spicy aromatic lavender flowers and its natural lavender oil, the Klar Soap Olive Lavender is perfect for skin and hair, thanks to its wheat proteins and pure organic olive oil!

9. Korres

Founded in 1996, the Greek cosmetics brand Korres finds its roots in the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. Since then, the company has gained valuable experience with over three thousand homeopathic herbs, and offers over four hundred products based on certified, natural ingredients. Traditional Greek herbs naturally play an important role in the recipes: Lavender is one of them! With the scent of freshly cut lavender flowers and a hint of citrus leaves, the Korres Lavender Blossom Shower Gel pampers you with a long-lasting, moisturizing effect. The Korres Lavender Blossom Body Milk also impresses with its fresh, powdery texture, and the regenerative power of vitamins and antioxidants.

10. The Handmade Soap

Environmentally friendly, natural, biodegradable: With these demands, the Irish company The Handmade Soap offers a large selection of handmade, vegan-friendly skin care products that protect sensitive skin and remain as affordable as possible. Lavender plays an important role in a particularly aromatic skin care line. Lavender, rosemary, thyme and mint come together here to create a warm composition with balancing and stimulating effects on the senses: a feeling like in an Irish herb garden in summer! The wide-ranging The Handmadesoap Lavender & Rosemary line is ideal for relaxing moments, especially before going to bed.

11. John Master’s Organics

True to the motto “If you look and feel your very best, your beauty speaks for yourself”, John Masters Organics has been dedicated to the care of natural beauty since 1994. For this, the New York based company relies on organic ingredients for the benefit of people and the earth, inspired by the healthy, holistic lifestyle of its founder and namesake. The hair care line based on French lavender is sulfate-free, and offers a shampoo for normal hair with lavender and rosemary. The conditioner combines the moisturizing properties of lavender and avocado oil, and is particularly suitable for dry hair. The hairspray with lavender and sea salt conjures up gentle waves in no time!

12. Paul Mitchell

As the first hair cosmetics company that has spoken out against animal testing, Paul Mitchell has been relying on high-quality hair care products for forty years, to embelish people as well as the environment by helping with charitable projects. The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint line is specially tailored to the needs of dry, unruly hair, combining the intense, antiseptic properties of tea tree oil with a special fragrance: while the essential oil of true lavender provides a floral, slightly woody aroma, the mint essence impresses with a stimulating note and a fresh hair feeling!

13. Stop the Water by Using Me!

The Hamburg based company Stop The Water While Using Me! offers sustainable natural cosmetics that are primarily geared towards saving water. The biodegradable products are made from natural essences and oils in Germany and contribute to the company’s Good Water Projects initiative with every sale. The Lavender Sandalwood hair care range pays homage to the calming properties of lavender as a traditional medicinal plant, and combines this nurturing effect with the delicate, warm scent of sandalwood. The line is ideal for long-lasting regeneration of damaged hair!

14. Wax Lyrical

Operating for over 35 years, Wax Lyrical is the UK’s largest home fragrance manufacturer and pays special attention to the quality of its essential oils. While the candles are made with high-quality paraffin waxes, all products are provided with a fragrance content of 5 to 10%, which ensures their special longevity. The English Lavender series combines the subtle, aromatic scent of English lavender with a hint of chamomile, and is ideal for the most tender moments.

What do you think? Do you know any other great products based on lavender that we should definitely include? Share them with us!

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