PURE PASSION The Where, When, and How of the Colour Red!

There is no fashion colour that melds femininity, elegance, and energy so decidedly than pure red. Intensive, rich, and flattering all skin tones, you can choose your bloodiest reds according to your character… and your most exciting plans!

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Remembering the iconic moments in the history of cinema, we will quickly realize that the most beautiful, charming, and self-confident women always had a perfect ally in the world of fashion: The red dress. Who could ever forget young Julia Roberts in the most crucial moment of her career, all in red, in Pretty Woman (1990), Audrey Hepburn in an amazing Givenchy bright red gown in the film classic Funny Face (1957), Vivien Leigh wrapped in deep red tulle in an encounter that would decide Scarlett’s social future in Gone with the Wind (1939), or Melanie Laurent, all dressed up in blood red, for Shosanna Dreyfus’s final revenge in Inglourious Basterds (2009)?

Red is the quintessential warm color, reminiscent of the freshness of strawberries, the taste of cherries, the power of fire, the heat of a kiss, the beauty of the most intense roses, the vitality of blood … And that’s why, honestly speaking, red is a color that cannot be taken lightly. Wanting it or not, by dressing in red we send a very powerful signal: Red seeks closeness, attracts glances, starts conversations, makes us the center of attention and that is why wearing it from head to toe is definitely a business for warriors, goddesses, or women of great temperament who secretly long to be both. And even so, if you are not that extroverted and rather more serene and calm, red will continue to be your ideal color, whenever you wish to subtly indicate the passion that lives within your heart.

Below you will find some ways to wear red in style … let’s see if you discover the one that best suits the warmest sides of your personality?


Image: Chalo García

If you are an all-rounder, if you know very well what you want in your career and in your love life, and do not hesitate to “go get it”, red is definitely the perfect color for you. Your favorite piece, the one you should never miss, and that will go with you through thick and thin for many years to come, will be a versatile red jacket made of firm fabrics or very fine leather. If you have a very lively and outgoing personality, choose your reds full of fire and opt for the most intrepid leather pieces. If you are of a more serene type, you will feel better dressed with those red jackets and blazers made of satin, tweed, cady, or corduroy in more delicate red tones.


Image: Sam Beasley

Red is the color of choice for all joyful, curious, and enthusiastic young women out there, who never stop dreaming. And even if these dreams may not always take them geographically very far, they will do so in life and love, if they know how to wear that perfect little red dress that will make them unforgettable. Are we referring to you? In that case, you will know very well that an intense red dress with tender details such as flirty ruffles, delicate bows, slightly puffed sleeves, sweet buttons, lace collars, little checks, polka dots, or very fine flowers will transform you in that adorable lady in red that everybody wishes to see again!


Image: Ksenia Chernaya

A true career woman? Well, if your ambitious personality makes you climb all the professional steps that opportunities offer you, and if you never fall short when it comes to defending your proposals and points of view, red is a must for your formal looks. Being the preferred color of strong, self-confident personalities, intensive red is the color of your choice when it comes to saying loudly and clearly: “Here I am!“. Take it in all its shades, from the darkest and deepest to the fiery hues that come close to orange. Your formal reds will be perfect on dresses and coats with clear lines and well-defined silhouettes.


Image: Kourosh Qaffari

Red is the seductive color par excellence. If you feel very sure of your own charm, your fascinating personality, and the strength of your natural magnetism, red will be your ally in all the occasions when you feel your sensuality flourish. Choose the shades and hues that best suit your type. If you have very light, rosy, or creamy skin, the bright reds, ruby, blood, or crimson tones will let you appear like a captivating vision. If you own a peachy, slightly golden, tanned, or brown skin tone, the scarlet, cherry, or garnet shades will flatter you with an enigmatic aura. Brilliant reds will look great on everyone, especially in delicate, flowing fabrics.


Image: Galina Greiss

In certain very important occasions of our lives, in those moments or magical nights in which we leave the routine in oblivion, and transform ourselves into exceptional creatures for a few hours, some of us realize that there is no color better than red to mark this experience. But why? Well, the magnetic character of bright red at night, either under the moon and the stars, or under the most dazzling artificial light is the main reason for that! Long and flowing red dresses made of chiffon, silk, tulle, satin, or muslin, with wide ruffles, impressive sleeves, or luxurious details, will make a magic figure out of every woman.


Image: Tamara Bellis

And finally, if you are a fan of the color red, but only as a bright note for a look in more varied tones, then you have to observe certain details: You will handle your reds like an artist, if you combine a piece in a vivid red with accessories of a slightly darker red hue, or with contrasting neutral colors. If you choose a multi-colored piece where red predominates, accentuate it with single-colored red accessories of the same tone to create a more captivating unit. Pair your deep reds, maroons, scarlets, and cherry reds with black details for a more sophisticated look, but don’t forget that cheerful reds, crimsons, caramels, and tomato reds will give you a fresher note when matched with white or gold!

What other ways to wear red in fashion do you recommend?

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