SUMMER TYPES 4 Essential Fashion Colours for Light Brunettes

A rosy complexion and light, medium, or dark brown hair? If this is your look, find here four colour shades that will give your natural glow a singular luminosity.

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The “light brunette” is characterized by a very light, rosy complexion in contrast to the rich reflexes of her light, medium, or dark brown hair. Due to her natural radiance, she is considered as belonging to the colour scheme of the “Summer type.” If you are a light brunette, your eyes, mostly either blue, green, or brown, will then harmoniously complement the natural fairness or your skin, without reaching the dramatic intensity of the “snow white type.” Other than the “dark brunette,” the light brunette’s appeal is rather cool and creamy, than warm and amber-like, which easily reminds of the delicate charm of Miranda Kerr, Anna Friel, Marion Cotillard, Laetitia Casta, Dakota Johnson and the Duchess of Cambridge. Find below four colour shades that should become your essential basics!


Fresh creamy shades of white are the ‘must have’ for all light brunettes who prefer stylish, classic accents that stay youthful and truly versatile. Ivory is the perfect ‘light brunette’ neutral shade for any occasion and can be combined with a wide variety of colors. This fashion colour will furthermore look at its best with beautiful pearls and golden accessories. Match your ivory tones with black accents for some drama or with bright colors for a playful accent.

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Ballet Pink

As a light brunette, you probably already know that all kinds of pastel colors are your best fashion and beauty all-rounders! Powdery pastel shades such as pink or peachy ballet flatter your natural luminosity and find their best uses for truly elegant, delicate, and nostalgic fashion looks. Choose your powdery ballet pinks in soft textiles like silk or satin for a more ethereal effect and combine them with black for a sophisticated touch.

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Pink Berry

All sorts of pink berry that appear among the juiciest fruits, especially the brightest raspberry shades, are absolutely gorgeous for the light brunette Summer type! Choose your pink berry shades rather warmer than cooler, more reddish than blueish, until you get the right tone matching your complexion. Pink berry will enhance your look with an irresistible warmth, being the perfect choice for playful outfits. Cool them down with grey shades for the office or give them a classic charm with black pieces and accessories.

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Sapphire Blue

There is a cool color shade that brings an alluring radiance to the light brunette fashion looks: Sapphire blue! Particularly in the evening, this color nuance will create an extraordinary contrasts with your light complexion, melding both an ethereal brightness and a deep character. Combine your sapphire blues with white or silver accessories for a fancy touch and with black for a stronger effect.

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And how about you? Do you know more flattering fashion colors for the light brunette Summer type? Share them with us! Otherwise, you can find more “colour types” in fashion here!

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