HOME, SWEET HOME 24 Colourful Designer Objects That Brighten Up Your Place!

Just in time for spring, some designer pieces are great to expel the last remains of grey from every room. Here you find a selection of ‘happy’ little objects coming with a nice story on their own.

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Our living style not only says a lot about our personality, but can also be adapted to our current longings and needs. Especially in spring, when the sun’s rays finally come in more often through the window, and especially now that we can’t go outside as much as we wish, there is no better job than bringing joy and beauty into our own four walls. These cheerful and colorful designer objects guarantee a good mood and can be certainly be kept as cute collector’s pieces!

Vitra’s Ball Clock

Designed by John Nelson in 1947, the Ball Clock from the Swiss brand Vitra brings in a fresh, dynamic atmosphere in every room. With a round shape (diameter 33 cm), wooden balls in contrasting colors, and a steel structure with a satin finish, this designer object is a must for playful accents. This watch model advanced to an iconic, innovative design of the 1950s.

Fornasetti’s Cocktail Otto

The Milanese house Fornasetti cares for a theatrical approach to design in the spirit of the company founder: Every decorative object seems to be part of a story. A noble atmosphere can be therefore quickly created with Fornasetti‘s handmade scented Cocktail Otto Candle (height 14.7 cm, diameter 8.5 cm), with top notes of thyme and lavender, a heart of iris and cedar wood, and base notes of tolu balsam, incense, birch, and Laudanum.

Versace’s Holiday Alphabet

As part of the Versace Holiday Alphabet Collection, these seven colorful trays present the iconic Versace logo in the classic print of the 1992 spring-summer collection. Made in Germany of fine porcelain, they have a size of 12 cm (length and width) and a glossy finish that quickly recalls the luxurious, extravagant aesthetics of the early 1990s.

Lisa Corti’s King Veronese

The Milanese designer brand Lisa Corti designs colorful home textiles as well as women’s and children’s fashion, which are manufactured by specialized artisans in India. From weaving to manual printing, all steps are carried out with the help of traditional techniques. The cute King Veronese pillow is 30 cm x 40 cm, made of cotton, and gives every room an adorable, playful touch!

Jonathan Adler’s Tiger

The small tray Tiger by the American potter, designer, and author Jonathan Adler is made of high-fired porcelain with hand-applied gold glazed accents. With a length of 17.8 cm and a width of 12.7 cm, this delicate piece finds its place almost everywhere, and embodies best the spirit of the company founder: A glamorous, American chic that does not take itself too seriously!

Lladrò’s The Parrots Party

The Spanish porcelain company LLadrò, based in Almàssera, Valencia, has been producing artistic pieces since 1953, which are inspired by major European brands such as Meissen, Sèvres, and Capodimonte. In the handmade series The Parrots Party by designer Raul Rubio, the parrot takes the lead. This unusual coat hook pays homage to nature in a playful way, and brings joy into every wardrobe!

Jonathan Adler’s Full Dose

With the Full Dose tray, Jonathan Adler offers another cheerful design item made of high-fired porcelain with hand-applied gold glazed details. With a length of 18 cm and a width of 12 cm, the small bright blue tray depicts colorful accents and a relaxed touch in the nonchalant, American style of this New Yorker designer house.

Casacarta’s Eye

The Londoner house Casacarta designs home pieces that make inventive statements without neglecting functionality. With the Eye Collection, the company founder Misty Minton takes up an old belief. The eye symbol is intended to protect against the evil eye and resentment. As a modern interpretation of the traditional chess board, this transparent, completely acrylic play set (width 21.4 cm, length 35.3 cm) offers a “good, benevolent eye” with a modern touch!

Jonathan Adler’s Eve

With a playful allusion to the hand of Fatima, a cultural sign that is universally protective against the evil eye, Jonathan Adler created the mini tray set Eve in delicate pastel colors. The pieces made of hard-fired porcelain and with hand-applied gold glazed details are indeed “petite” (length 7 cm, width 5 cm, depth 1 cm), and thus perfect for a very tender, fanciful touch.

Normann Copenhagen’s Tivoli

The Danish design house Normann Copenhagen creates exciting objects by transforming the ordinary into the unusual. Made of brass-coated stainless steel, the watering can Divan is the best proof of this philosophy: As part of the Tivoli Collection, it depicts a sculptural shape and an oriental touch. With a height of 27 cm, width of 41 cm, and depth of 18 cm, as well as a mirrored finish, this small design object looks elegant and original at the same time.

Versace’s Medusa

Versace‘s Medusa figure was designed by Gianni Versace in 1978 as a brand symbol. As an emblem of the power of temptation, the Medusa has an ambiguous attraction: its gaze is as enchanting as petrifying. Irresistible as well is the Medusa Head Gypsy Box made of blue porcelain. With its 7.5 cm height, 10 cm width, and 8 cm depth, it is perfect for keeping small treasures stylishly, and brings a mythical aura into every boudoir!

Normann Copenhagen’s Fantasy

With the fantasy figures king, commander, prince, princess, and knight, the Danish design company Normann Copenhagen invites us to dream. As part of the Tivoli Collection, the figures made of solid concrete are characterized by an individual expression and a delicate finish. With a size of 20 cm, a diameter of 8 cm, and a cheerful green-yellow color combination, the Prince figurine transforms every room into a magical wonderland!

Alessi’s Circus

Refined luxury meets imaginative design with the Circus Collection by Alessi. According to Marcel Wanders, the designer of the line, “Circus conveys a sensory experience that lasts forever. It is magical. It is mystical. It is bigger than life ”. And larger than life as well is the Jester Corkscrew as one of 999 pieces of the limited edition. With its 19.3 cm length, 16.2 cm width, and 6 cm depth, this small designer object is definitively a collector’s item!

Etro’s Ambra Pagoda

The Italian fashion house Etro has been defining the globetrotting side of Italian fashion since 1968. Etro‘s unmistakable passion, exoticism, and lively, playful streak are not only reflected in the brand’s unique paisley prints, but also in its home accessories. The scented candle Ambra Pagoda fulfills this idea with a fragrance universe made of amber, patchouli, vanilla, and musk notes, embedded in a cheerful ceramic vessel (length 21 cm, width 11 cm, depth 10 cm).

Pols Potten’s Caps & Jars

The design company Pols Potten, founded in Amsterdam in 1986, offers a new interpretation of traditional Dutch style in collaboration with international designers and craftsmen. Made by hand and individually mouth-blown, the Pols Potten Caps & Jars Set bring a colorful, nostalgic flair to every room in three different sizes: small, medium and large, each with a diameter of 12 cm, 15 cm and 18 cm.

L’Objet’s Turtle

L’Objet, founded in 2005 by Israeli designer Elad Yifrach in New York, designs pieces with their own story. As a world traveler, the company founder is inspired by various cultures and by the international artisans who bring his designs to life. The magnifying glass Turtle (width 8 cm, length 13 cm) is made of gold-plated brass, and flaunts handmade details full of wanderlust and imagination!

Christian Lacroix’s Zebra Girl

The luxury stationary collection by Belgian designer Christian Lacroix is inspired by a distinctive, fantastic world. Heavenly creatures, imaginative flora, and magical stories meet the latest techniques such as embossing, laser cutting, and sophisticated pop-up elements that ensure a refined finish. These notebooks are a collector’s item in themselves and invite you to write the most original stories!

Seletti’s Lipstick

The designer company Seletti, founded in 1964 in Mantua, Italy, pays homage to pop art: everyday symbols, form, function, and art are at the forefront of the creative process of the house, and allow people to live out their individual, fun-loving attitude with ease. With its practical shape, bright colors, and fun design, the make-up bag Lipstick (length 13 cm, width 23 cm, depth 8 cm) expresses this attitude at its best!

Hay’s Time

Since its founding in 2002, the Danish design company Hay has met the needs of modern life with sophisticated, industrially manufactured objects that appeal to a large, international audience. The numerous design pieces of the house are inspired by fashion and architecture, and impress with clear, flawless lines. With a length of 14.5 cm and a diameter of 5.5 cm, the pink Hay Time Hourglass delights with a delicate, playful flair.

L’Objet & Haas Brothers

Inspired by the Joshua Tree landscape and in collaboration with L’Objet, Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas designed a collection that brings fantastic creatures to life. These characterful beings have found a new home in Joshua Trees, where they happily walk around regardless of the burning sun. The little monsters also populate the stationery set of the collection, and bring joyful fantasy into every desk!

Pink Pampas’ Neon Heart

The Italian company Pink Pampas researches and designs objects in collaboration with qualified artisan communities from all over the world. Made 100% by hand, the colorful, diverse designs combine old handicraft traditions with a contemporary flair. The small Neon Heart & Arrow Mirror (length 10 cm, width 14 cm) depicts an embossed sheet metal frame, and was manufactured by local artisans in Mexico.

Bitossi Home’s Hand

Bitossi Home sees itself as an interpreter of Tuscan table culture. The company invites us to combine shapes, styles and textures, to try out unconventional ideas, to pay attention to lifestyle changes, and to create a connection to the past with a retro flair. As part of the La Tavola Scomposta Collection or “the untidy table”, the hand vase (height 14.5 cm, diameter 9 cm) impresses with a clear white-red contrast and a rejuvenated 1950s aesthetic!

Vito Nesta & Fratelli Majello

Milan-based interior designer and artisan Vito Nesta draws inspiration from his travels. For Esotica, his Capodimonte porcelain collection for Fratelli Majello, this influence finds its best expression: Amazonian birds, reptiles, fish, and monkeys populate everyday objects whose shapes resemble those of young plant stems. The handmade and handpainted porcelain box Iguana (height 10 cm, width 15.5 cm) is just one of the most beautiful pieces!

Lladrò’s Better Together

The Spanish manufacturer LLadrò combines traditional craftsmanship with nostalgic modernity in dreamlike porcelain creations. With the Better Together Candle Set (height 10 cm, width 20 cm), the candle couple Lee and Lane meld their different scents into a shared, floral-woody fragrance universe with a maritime touch. The matt porcelain of the finish makes a delicate contrast to the glossy interior, which ensures a refined decorative effect!

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