COOL AUTUMN 4 Amazing Fashion Colours for Auburn Redheads

With deep red or auburn hair, a translucent complexion, and bright blue, green, or amber eyes your look is marked by gorgeous contrasts. Boost them with these four beautiful fashion hues!

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A cool redhead usually has green, blue, or amber eyes, which emphasize the strong contrast between her translucent skin and the deep, rich auburn or chestnut hair tones. Unlike the harmonious warm redhead spring type, this cool “autumn type” flaunts natural cool appeal, which is perfectly displayed by celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks, Madelaine Pesch, Emma Stone, Karen Elson, and Susan Sarandon. If you recognized yourself in this description, you will find below four fashion colours you should never miss in your wardrobe.


There is no color that flatters auburn redheads with a subtle, elegant appearance such a peachy beige. Take your these warm beige shades in all the most diverse hues: in blush, light apricot, soft peach, or rosy beige tones and enjoy the discreet and graceful effect they will exert of your look. You can keep these neutral colors tone-on-tone or combine them with black or metallic accessories for a more impressive effect.

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Camel Brown

All sorts of camel or ocher brown shades will quickly become the best allrounders for auburn or chestnut redheads, if they wish to attain a warm aura which is discreet and elegant at once. Combine your camel nuances with black accessories to accentuate your personality or give them a glamorous finish with extravagant metallic fabrics and inventive prints.

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An auburn redhead with a weakness for characterful looks should never do without intense purple shades. These will make a perfect contrast to her complexion and complement the deep chestnut red reflexes of her hair. Combined with white accessories, your purple pieces will get a lighter, airy touch. Combined with black, silver or green, all sorts of purple hues will be ready for the boldest fashion statements.

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Dull Green

The “cool autumn type” is naturally constrasted with dull green colour hues, which are as well ideals for auburn redheads with a preference for more reserved, cool or neutral colors. Dull green is deeply calm and depending on the styling it can become a soft vintage character or a bold army green intensity. Delicate olive and khaki green shades will make the redhead autumn type look at her best at any occasion as well.

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