COOL SUMMER 4 Gorgeous Fashion Colours for Light Blondes

A translucent complexion and light blue, green, or grey eyes? If this is your natural look, your light-flooded aura will be at its best with these four amazing fashion hues!

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The “cool blonde” is simply and literally light-flooded and therefore considered as a “Summer type.” If you recognize yourself in this description, your diaphanous complexion harmonically matches with your light blue, grey, or green eyes, giving your look a crystal clear luminosity. Other than the golden “warm blonde color type,” the light blonde’s natural aura is rather cool and soft than warm and bright, and is wonderfully represented by actresses like Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Elle Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, and Margot Robbie. Scroll down and find the four fashion colours that will certainly become your favourite choices.

Bright Blue

The cool color palette offers the best choices for the cool blonde Summer type. One of the shades in this range that will always look gorgeous on her is: bright blue! In its most intensive versions, especially in cobalt, china, or royal blue, this color is ideal for lively looks and impressive contrasts. Combine your bright blues with white or black for classic accents and with metallic accessories for a touch of sun!

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Bright Red

If chosen in the right hue, a bright red, or an intensively rich red, can look incredibly flattering on the light blonde color type. A lively red that comes close to the brightness of a ruby is ideal for warm, elegant accents and should always be a must in the light blonde’s evening wardrobe. Combine your gorgeous bright reds with black or golden accents for the most charming effect!

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There is no fashion colour the flatters more the natural luminosity of the light blond Summer type than a warm bright pink. Choose it in all its hues: from intensive fuchsia or magenta shades to the sweetest flowery pinks. For a dreamy look, wear your pinks in delicate fabrics like silk, lace, wool, and brocade an and combine them for timeless monochromatic looks… and with interesting reds.

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And last, but not least, the timeless neutral color par excellence of the light blonde color type is… black! As deep as the night, this color is ideal for impressive looks, due to the intensive contrast it makes against the snowy complexion of your skin. Combine your blacks as you wish: minimalistic with white, glamorous with silver, and unforgettable with beige!

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And what about you? Do you know more fashion colors that look extremely flattering on the light blonde color type? Share them with us! You can find more color types here!

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