WARM SPRING 4 Essential Fashion Colours for Honey and Golden Blondes

Remember the sunny shades of fresh honey? With her golden hair reflexions and a peachy complexion, the “warm spring type” calls this effect her own, enhancing her natural glow with these four gorgeous fashion hues!

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The warm spring type flaunts a natural radiance, which becomes a colorful touch with the green, blue, or brown reflexes of her eyes. Other than the light blond cool summer type, the main attribute of the golden blonde does not have much in common with a cool luminosity, but rather with the natural warmth of fresh honey. She is just the little sunshine among the warm “color types” and is best represented by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gigi Hadid. Below, you will find four gorgeous blonde warm spring type!

Deep Red

The warm color par excellence of the golden or honey blonde lady is: Red! A rich deep red hue makes a great match to the soft light golden reflexes of her complexion and gives her a charming, lively touch. Combine your terrific reds with black and white accessories for some contrasts and with golden pieces for an even sunnier effect.

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The sunny reflexes of a soft and fruity orange enhance the warm, natural vibrancy of the golden blonde spring type in a very particular way. Not suitable for many “color types,” orange will be extremely flattering on honey or golden blondes who wish to flaunt the most energetic nonchalant sides of their personality.

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There is no better colour that flatter so charmingly the warm accents of the golden blonde spring type than copper. Make it your own if your are fond of a discreet versatile elegance, and you will soon realize that this shade works perfectly in monochromatic looks. Wear your copper pieces in entire outfits and combine them with sand, brown, or cognac hues for an unmatched sophisticated look!

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Emerald Green

A cool color shade that appears soft and harmonious on the golden blonde spring type is green! We specially prefer the delicate shades of emerald green as a good choice for fashion looks with a timeless touch. A warm spring blonde with a quiet personality will probably directly fall for this hue and wear it for her most especial fashion classics.

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And what about you? Do you know more amazing fashion colors for the warm blond color type? Share them with us! Otherwise, you can find more color types here!

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