COOL SPRING 4 Gorgeous Fashion Colours for Ginger Blondes

Do you have bright red hair, green, blue, or grey eyes, and a peachy skin, often peppered with alluring freckles? With such a naturally sunny appearance, the ginger type looks at her best with these four incredible fashion hues!

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The ginger type shows a characteristic radiant natural appearance that could be easily associated with the happy-go-lucky spirit of a dreamlike fairy. Other than the cool redhead, the complexion of the ginger woman is rather warm and peachy than cool and rosy, which gives her a delicate harmonious touch. Very representative of this spring color type are actresses like Amy Adams, Florence Welch, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Lily Cole. You will find below four color hues that should be never missed in the wardrobe of the reddish blond ginger types!

Orange Red

The reddish blond, ginger, or cool spring type will never find a better colour than orange red to create the warmest, most expressive fashion looks. This bright colour hue is ideal for playful personalities who enjoy finding the shades that match best to the reflexions of their hair. Combine these juicy red tones with grey, white, or silver for a refreshing contrast.

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If you are a naturally ginger lady who loves fashion colours that are still warm without having the thrilling radiance of the bright orange reds, you will need to have some “cognac” pieces in your wardrobe. Less fiery than the former, your cognac outfits can turn into many shades: from the liveliest rusty browns to the most delicate terra-cotta hues. Especially the latter own an earthy character that will flatter your personality with an elegant allure.

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Flamingo Pink

All nuances that come closer to flamingo or coral pink are ideal for the most energetic ginger or strawberry blonde looks! Far form being everybody’s darling, this colour is the best friend for reddish blondes who love intensive eye-catching accents. Combine your flamingo pinks with pastel pink accessories for a delicate finish, and never forget that once the ginger lady has fallen for her pinky coral hues, she will never miss them in her wardrobe!

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Grey, especially in its most silvery hades, is the most dazzling neutral colour for reddish blond ginger types. In its lighter versions, which can reach to delicate silver hues, grey is the best choice for subtly elegant fashion looks, and can be perfectly combined with deep purple, burgundy, or lilac accessories. For a lively touch, match your greys with your bright flamingo or coral pinks.

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Do you know more fashion colors that are extremely flattering on the ginger type? Share them with us! Otherwise, you can find more color types here!

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