WARM WINTER 4 Gorgeous Fashion Colours for Olive Skin Tones

Do you have brown eyes, dark hair, and a natural olive skin tone? With your natural expressive shades, you don’t need much to impress. Create your most flattering combinations with these essential fashion hues!

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The olive-skinned “warm winter type” is characterized by the slightly bronze nuances of its quickly browning skin and the ravishing shine of its dark eyes. The “warm winter type” literally speaks of the discreet warmth of yellowish brown tones, especially if enhanced by the intense reflexes of a luscious black hair. Olive-skinned celebrities that flaunt a characteristic warm winter type beauty are for instance Salma Hayek, Priyanka Chopra, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Monica Belucci, and Penelope Cruz. Below, you will the the twelve most flattering fashion colors for olive-skinned ladies!

Brick Red

Whatever colour might be currently in vogue, the olive-skinned “warm winter type” will always keep the most flattering companion: brick red! Consider all the rich varieties on the side of the warm orange browns and play with cinnamon and rusty shades to flatter your naturally warm allure. Contrast them with the brightest colours for a thrilling effect!

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The olive-skinned “winter type” will get the most flattering “ultra-feminine” allure with all possible nuances of cyclamen, a medium shade of magenta pink. The colour palette is generous here and you will make the most of it, if you go for the warmer sides of the palette, rather than selecting the deeper purple or blueish tones.

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Sky Blue

All shades of blue that come as closer as possible to the sky in summer will flatter your olive skin tone with an unconstested luminosity. Pick your shades of sky blue in their softer nuances if you wish to emulate a breeze of fresh air or select them in their brighter tones for a happy outfit… if you are not afraid of becoming the eye-catcher of the party!

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Gold is the ultimate allrounder for the olive-skinned “warm winter type.” Suiting almost any “colour type” due to its natural radiance, gold is much more than a timeless accessory for olive skin tones: it embraces them like a second skin, appears subtle, even neutral, and, despite of its brilliance, is ideal for discreet sophisticated looks.

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And what about you? Do you know more fashion colors that can amazingly flatter the olive skin type? Otherwise, can find more color types here!

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