BEAUTIFUL ALPHABET How to Define Your Figure Type With the Help of Letters

In terms of fashion, letters have a proven track record: apart from naming iconic fashion silhouettes, they help us define our proper body shape. Find your best fit and the best pieces for your figure type here!

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Let’s take a piece of paper and a well-pointed pencil. Slowly but surely, we draw a very fine silhouette: the simple, light form of a long “I”. If we try to personalise this form, then I would have to think, for example, of the long and narrow silhouette of my friend Inge. Tall, slender, slender, with a long narrow waist and well-proportioned upper and waist, her figure looks very elegant: slim, but not boyish, feminine, but never lush.

The I-shaped Figure Type

Inge’s measurements appear harmonious, that is, there is certainly a difference of 20 cm to 30 cm between her waist and her bust sizes as well as between her waist and her hip width. Her tall size, narrow torso, and long neck stand out the most, giving her the perfect look of a graceful I-shaped silhouette. With these requirements, she can wear all possible fashion pieces with generous fabrics, box jackets, ruffles, and all sorts of eye-catching accessories that give her a bit of fullness, without ever appearing massive.


The H-shaped Figure Type

Quite different is my own figure. Also slim, but less tall, not quite as narrow, but also proportioned, my figure reminds rather of the silhouette of a delicate “H”: with identical top and waist sizes, but a difference of up to 20 cm between these and my waist, I keep always being pretty straight, independently from my weight changes. This boyish rectangular H-shaped figure looks best with higher-cut fashion pieces in Empire style, V-necklines, shirt dresses, and maxi skirts!


The X-shaped Figure Type

Let’s get back to our sheet of paper: Now we draw the sweeping shape of a generous “X”. Who should you think of? I immediately have my friend Tina in mind. Not quite as tall as me and half a head shorter than Inge, but somehow stronger, her figure reminds of the pin-up girls of the fifties: not only her shoulders, but also her bust and hip sizes appear equally strong and are particularly emphasised by her relatively narrow, at least 30 cm smaller waist. Tina’s curvy X-shaped hourglass figure works best with fashion pieces that show off her shoulders and her fitted waist.


The S-shaped Figure Type

However, not only the X-shaped figure type owns the “curvy” card. The shapely “S” silhouette also shows off a large size difference between waist and bust and hip sizes. Being smaller, more delicate, more slender, with narrower shoulders and legs, and extremely well-proportioned, this is a small, delicate woman, who always seems to have a girlish figure regardless of her age. The S-shaped figure type expresses best her graceful silhouette by opting for light, flowing, single-colored dresses in knee or calf-length.

The A-shaped Figure Type

When we talk about “curves”, we should, of course, mention the A-shaped silhouette, as well: with a very narrow torso, this figure type has strong hips and thighs, a well-formed bottom, and is best known as the “pear type”. With a very own, dainty-looking femininity, the A-shaped pear type can wear beautifully playful tops, mermaid cuts, and asymmetrical dresses and skirts like no other!


The Y-shaped Figure Type

With a rather heavy, noticeable bust size, a wider torso and rather narrow hips, the Y-shaped figure is just the opposite of the A-shaped silhouette. The body dimensions of this figure type clearly show dominant shoulders and pronounced upper torso, and scream for simple, tight-fitting tops, flared skirts and spaghetti straps. With this silhouette, embellishments look best on a fitted waist and on beautifully adorned skirts!


The B-shaped Figure Type

The silhouette of a large “B” has something comforting and graceful about it. The B-shaped figure type is often referred to as “apple type” and has a naturally strong shape, going usually from the EU size 44 on. With the right fashion pieces, this figure attains a breathtaking presence and a warm, feminine aura. Airy, ankle-length or calf-length dresses made from cuddly fabrics as well as monochrome fashion looks or extremely delicate prints are just the best for this body shape!

Here you can find a more detailed description of the seven figure types and of the fashion pieces that suit them best!

Did we really show all the most popular figure types? Which one would be missing? Comment and help us with your opinion!

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