THE CLASSIC BRIDE 24 Stunning Designer Gowns for Your Timeless Wedding

A gorgeous wedding dress does not have to be made-to-measure. Luxury brands offer today the most splendid ready-to-wear creations for this especial day. And you can get them all online!

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Your wedding is coming soon, the preparations are in progress, and you already have a concrete idea of the stylish bridal gown you are going to wear on this gorgeous day. A little detail is though still missing: You did not find the dazzling piece in question yet, and you don’t have much time or patience to inspect all possible bridal shops in your city anymore! What next? Well, we did the job for you! We checked our favorite online shops for designer fashion and made a beautiful selection of 24 wedding gowns and dresses that can easily please the needs of the most demanding elegant bride. The great thing about it: The delivery takes usually only a couple of days. You can therefore send for our preferred pieces, try them beautifully on, and then decide as quickly as lightning which one you are going to wear on this important day!

1. A Brilliant Wedding Gown by Alex Perry

This endlessly long white wedding gown by Alex Perry appears perfectly glamorous thanks to the glittering threads of the fabric. The slightly higher waistline and the bandeau top supported by little nods display a classic silhouette that impresses us with its timeless flair.

2. The Delicate Silk Wedding Gown by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney presents us with Jade a very light, airy, delicate wedding gown. With a fitted pleated top and a generously broad skirt, this beautiful garment becomes its perfect finish with a fragile satin belt adorned with crystal flowers: The perfect outfit for all the ones who still keep a little princess in their heart!

3. The Majestic Wedding Dress by Stella McCartney

The cady wedding dress Rose by Stella McCartney appears impeccably imperial. While the gracious details on the neckline subtly provide a playful accent, the actually eye-catcher of the dress can be found in the back: An endlessly long cording that enhances the bridal classic accent with a lighthearted touch!

4. Perfect Lines for the Refined Bride by Givenchy

With this flawless satin gown Givenchy offers us great geometric perfection: While the fitted top appears like an elongated inverted triangle, the long issued skirt embodies an exquisite timeless elegance. The deep cut-out on the back is flanked by a delicate cape detail, which gives this wedding garment a very stylish surprising effect!

5. The Glamorous Wedding Gown by Alex Perry

The bride who wears the strapless gown Slaine by Alex Perry brings a touch of Hollywood into her wedding. This puristic piece in light crêpe is close-fitting and impresses with the issued application on the décolleté, a gorgeous mermaid skirt, and a light trail. Impossible to be more alluring!

6. The Puristic Wedding Gown by Stella McCartney

The stretch-cady gown Ruby by Stella McCartney shows off a little trail, but no adornments at all. And yet, the irresistible cut-out on the back builds an elegant contrast to the high-necked empire-cut and the accentuated shoulders on the front side. This wedding dress is the perfect choice for the bride who wishes to be remembered by her natural grace.

7. A Classical Greek Wedding with Roland Mouret

This wonderful flowing gown made of stretch silk by Roland Mouret embodies the sensual interpretation of classic Greece: The ethereal design follows the natural curves of the body, creates effortlessly a fluent silhouette, and the light drapery of the one-shoulder-cut harmonizes perfectly with the airy, asymmetric seam. This is the ideal match for the utterly stylish bride!

8. The Seductive Wedding Gown by Stella McCartney

The close-fitted stretch cady gown Magnolia by Stella McCartney gets our attention due to its absolutely seductive halterneck, its long falling rounded skirt, its delicate trail, and its amazingly deep back cutout: Irresistible for the bride who sets great value on subtle sexiness!

9. A Dress for the Natural Bride by The Row

Beautifully white, made of cotton, with trumpet sleeves, and a loose waistline: The timeless maxi dress Sora by The Row appears comfortable, refreshingly easy and yet extremely refined. This tender fashion piece will flatter its bride with natural elegance, and is therefore perfectly suitable for delicate, romantic tempers!

10. A Fancy Dress for the Playful Bride by Valentino

With this maxi dress in cotton-blend, Valentino presents us a totally relaxed, fancy alternative for the brides who still wish to marry classically, but also bring a cheerful note into their wedding look. With a puristic top and a contrasting deep waisted pleated rock, this creation is just perfect for this intention!

11. A Fin de siècle Romance with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Beautifully nostalgic, in a lustrous ivory-hued satin: The gown Imogene by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi reminds us of the times in which women were compared with the beauty of roses. The highlights of the design are seen in the generous flounces and in the impressive bow at the back of the top, while the A-skirt remains soft and easy: A noble fin de siècle touch for the bride of today!

12. A Royal Bride with Giambattista Valli

The airy, ivory-hued silk gown by Giambattista Valli convinces us with the flawless elegance of its design, sublimely accentuated by long asymmetric sleeves and a delicate neckline bow. This exquisite piece of fashion is ideal for the bride with a very deep sense of refinement.

13. The Precious Piece for the Minimalist Bride by The Row

Classic and minimalistic at once: This is the best way to describe the long-sleeved maxi dress Alloy by the Row in a soft cream crêpe. Chaste, simple, slightly fitted in the waist, and yet loosely cut, this refined pieced of fashion can be versatilely combined and conquers the heart of the bride who wants to impress with subtle elegance.

14. The Romantic Lace Gown by Alexander McQueen

This extremely delicate cream lace gown by Alexander McQueen was made in a charming Victorian style and can be the best choice for the bride with a very feminine classic taste. While the front side appears slightly extended thanks to the flattering V cut on the neck, the peplum top and the delicate trumpet sleeves give the dress the final charming touch!

15. A Cheerfully Feminine Bride with Givenchy

This asymmetric silk gown by Givenchy is a dream for the woman who wants to marry with a look that appears noble and playfully feminine as well. This delicate one-shoulder piece in off-white is a feast for the eyes due to its generous, beautifully wavy flounces and its asymmetric cut: A wonderfully light, refreshing note!

16. An Asymmetric Dress for the Modern Bride by Haider Ackermann

Devastatingly simple and absolutely seductive: This crêpe maxi dress by Haider Ackermann is the preferred choice for the bride who wants to impress with a very sensual minimalistic silhouette. The deep round neckline builds a beautiful contrast with the asymmetric mermaid skirt and leaves plenty of space for an alluring necklace.

17. A Bride in a Subtle Retro Style with Giambattista Valli

This ivory-hued crêpe midi dress by Giambattista Valli reminds us of the romantic silhouettes of the seventies. With filigree bordures, a fitted waist, and feminine flounces on the sleeves, this fashion piece is perfect for the bride with a deep fondness for romantic accents.

18. A Delicate Vintage Wedding Look with Equipment

The flowing crêpe midi dress Faun by Equipment impresses with a very special detail: The knot design in the waist at the end of the V-neckline. The draperies on the front and the loose sleeves of this beautiful dress remind of some fashion pieces of the thirties and make it ideal for the bride with an elegant vintage feeling.

19. A Classical Feminine Bride with the Lace Dress by Dolce & Gabbana

This classical midi dress by Dolce & Gabbana is traditionally made of silk in Italy. In a very light and lively cream hue, this design wins us over thanks to the contrast of the floral lace on the satin underdress. Timeless, elegant and truly feminine: This is the look of the woman who wears this exquisite fashion piece in her wedding day!

20. A Charming Youthful Bride with Chloé

Made of lace as well, this midi dress by Chloé has a silken underdress and offers a totally different alternative: The loose short sleeves, the issued asymmetric skirt, and the fancy feminine finish on the back gives the bride who wears it a subtle youthful charm and a very luxurious touch!

21. A Bride with the Special Summer Look by Jonathan Simkhai

If you are a bride-to-be looking for a gorgeous midi wedding dress for the summer, we have good news for you: This lace midi dress by Jonathan Simkhai is waiting for you! With its fancy geometric patterns, its asymmetric mermaid skirt, its V-neckline, and its nude underdress, this exquisite fashion piece offers the most flattering match for your figure and will give you the natural charm of a fairy!

22. The Simple, But Sensual Dress by Brock Collection

A bride-to-be who is looking for a simple wedding dress for the day that looks classic and very sensual as well, will find her best choice in the cotton dress Odilia by Brock Collection. The trapeze neckline and the skirt slit in the front give this piece a subtle seductive note: An homage to elegant simplicity.

23. Tightly Fitted and Absolutely Elegant with Roland Mouret

The crêpe midi dress Coleby by Roland Mouret wins us over with its tightly fitted, extremely flattering silhouette and the sumptuous geometric details on its shoulders and cleavage. The bride who wishes to melt minimalism, sensuality and artful workmanship will have found here her best alternative!

24. A Playful Bridal Dress for the Day with Rebecca Vallance

The bride who wishes a classic and at the same time flirtatious look for her wedding will choose for sure the ivory-hued crêpe midi dress De Jour by Rebecca Vallance. The diagonal double seam flounces and the bows on the shoulders build a gorgeous contrast to the tightly-fitted waist: A dream for all the Marilyns of this world!

So? How do you find our selection? Would you wear one of these pieces in your wedding? Share your taste with us!

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