THE PLAYFUL BRIDE 26 Designer Minidresses for Your Short and Sweet Look

Whether in lace, tweed, knitted, embroidered, or puristic: Shorter dresses in white and cream offer a fresh alternative for the cheerful bride. Find here a fine selection for a lovely entrance!

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Shortly after the start of the spring, we are happy to bring more freshness into our wardrobe. Heavier sweaters, jackets, coats and winter blazers gradually get away to make place for more airy and easy fashion pieces: It’s time for short monochromatic dresses in white and cream, which we can always wear and quickly match. Below, you will find a selection of premium mini dresses, which are perfectly suitable for flawless looks. For a better view, we have gathered them in some groups: Knit, lace, embroidery, tweed, unadorned and even sequin! The nicest thing: If you are still looking for a smart alternative for your wedding day, you will probably find here your perfect bridal mini dress! The beautiful silhouettes and the high-quality materials of the selected pieces make it easily possible.

Totally Charming: Knitted Dresses in White and Cream

Knitted pieces can offer various silhouettes: They can appear ladylike, casual, romantic, or simply timeless. Their common ground is their characteristic comfort, which make them perfekt for soft and lissome fashion looks. Our choice falls here on four designer knitted dresses, each with a very unique style.


This short snow-white knitted dress by Kenzo offers an especially cuddly, fitted silhouette. The slightly voluminous puff sleeves give this design a youthful note, which is lively enhanced by the bird-embroidery of the body.   


Valentino’s fresh knitted shift dress shows allover a delicate embroidery, which makes it perfectly wearable at open-air parties. The raffled finish give this gentle design a playfully feminine touch.

Jonathan Simkhai

The Jonathan Simkhai’s sheath knitted dress is made of a stretch material that makes it fit closely to the body. While the vertical rills seem to prolongate the figure, the wavy details offer the much sought-after feminine accents in the spring summer season!

Alexander McQueen

Very seductive, quiet, and feminine, in a soft ivory hue: This comfortable Alexander McQueen dress is made of knitted jacquard and captivates with a playful scalloped hem, subtle shell patterns, and crossed back straps. Subtly elegant, it is our perfect choice for romantic occasions.

Lace, Only Lace!

Lace fashion pieces are the ultimate classics for beautiful festive looks. They are feathery, nostalgic, refined, and just irresistible for romantically minded personalities. We fell in love with eight designer lace dresses that embody totally different style worlds.


This exquisite Maticevski dress is made of white hand-cut lace and awakens our spring feelings in a minute. Its special assets: The catchy lace piece in the top, the sumptuous flowers, the organza undergarment, and the slightly nostalgic note.


The snow-white lace dress with silk by Chloé fascinates us with a beautifully enwrought flower design that reminds us of tropical holidays. With its ingenuous tassels, this delicate fashion piece appears just playful and extremely feminine at once.

Rebecca Vallance

This beautiful summer lace dress by Rebecca Vallance combines timeless romance with sex appeal. The short puff sleeves, the well-formed bustier, and the nested detail in the skirt make this ivory fashion piece deeply voluptuous and flirtatious.

Magda Butrym

Sensual, nostalgic, seductively feminine: This delicate lace mini dress by Magda Burtym stands out thanks to its fine cream lace with flowers, blossoms and leaves, and its airy gigot sleeves. The loose bow in the neck adds a romantic charm to this exquisitely fragile fashion look.


Zimmermann’s charming mini dress was made of cream lace, cotton and silk. The generous balloon sleeves, the V-neckline, the bobble applications, and the curvy hem make this design decidedly dynamic and nicely playful.

Giambattista Valli

Made as well of creamy lace, this dress by Giambattista Valli stands out due to its timeless character. With a round neckline, a voluminous cuff finish, and a classic empire cut, this exquisite fashion piece is absolutely perfect for gracefully classic looks.


This fine dress by Chloé is simply a dream in cream-white silk. The vertical lines, the lace applications, and the flared sleeves emphasize the soft lightness of a beautifully airy fashion piece, which notedly embodies a soft Bohemian spirit.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Both seductive and romantic at the same time: This lace mini dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini is made of macramé lace in a warm ivory hue. This nostalgic fashion piece offers an impressive finish: A skirt full of ruffles!

Nicely Airy with Embroideries!

Embroidered mini dresses are basically a must in the warmer time of the year. Just as nostalgic as the fine lace pieces, they rather express a nonchalantly romantic character which makes them ideal for casual looks. Exactly for these relaxed moments, we have selected three embroidered fashion pieces in three different styles!

Saint Laurent

The cotton-blend halterneck dress by Saint Laurent stands out thanks to its multilayered floral embroideries. This little, very refined fashion piece will be your ideal companion, if you wish to impress with an extremely refined casual look.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Romantic, dreamy, almost poetical: This is the look of this cotton mini dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. The various flounces of the design enhance the nostalgic elegance of this airy fashion piece, which gets a perfect finish with a filigree neck bow.

Isabel Marant

This white ramie mini dress by Isabel Marant appears likewise nostalgic, romantic and airy, but with a visible western touch: The ruffles and the embroidery fascinate us with their light, freedom-loving character!

Unadorned Garments: Maybe Plain, Maybe Romantic?

Unadorned creations appear especially refined in white and cream. They can also express totally different styles and be the interpretations of diverse fashion ideas. All of them have though something in common: The special purity and clarity of their designs. We have selected eight fashion pieces with unadorned textiles in quite contrasting looks that look just marvelous in these hues!

Ulla Johnson

What an airiness! This featherlight snow-white cotton dress by Ulla Johnson makes us yearn for summertime. It can be easily worn as a tunic and yet appear especially romantic, thanks to its beautiful neck and sleeve ruffles.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s crêpe mini dress stands out due to the flawless purity of the textile and its almost architectonical asymmetric pleats. This elegant fashion piece is ideal for all the ones who wish to impress with absolute perfection.

Alexander McQueen

Flawless as well is this corsage dress by Alexander McQueen. The perfectly feminine silhouette of the design appears deeply seductive with a high-necked top. The focus relies the beautifully fitted waist and the flared skirt.


Burberry presents a classic, perfectly cut shirt dress of dense white cotton. This timeless fashion piece will give you a harmonious well-dressed silhouette and a fancy touch with its voluminous sleeves. 


Ellery’s shift dress is as elegant as the last one but offers a completely new proposal: With a sophisticated cut-out on the front, a button border permits to use the top and the skirt parts of the dress together, or separately!


MSGM’s blazer dress owns a very classic -and classy- elegance: The tuxedo neckline and the double-row button border crate a well-formed silhouette and make this fashion piece look truly magnetic.


The creamy white mini dress by Valentino impresses with its implicitly perfect harmony. This high-quality fashion piece is absolutely versatile and therefore ideal for a subtle, immaculate appearance: The best choice for a refined minimalistic look!

David Koma

Genuinely glamorous: The impeccably cut one-shoulder dress by David Koma fascinates with asymmetric details on the chest and on the slit. Ideal for festive occasions, this refined fashion creation appears as stylish as a piece of jewelry.

Refined and Comfortable in Tweed and Bouclé

While tweed is a tissue that owes its name to a weaving type, bouclé is a knobby thread which is often fabricated in tweed style. Made basically of wool, tweed and bouclé are quite robust and provide a pleasant wearing comfort. We fell for two totally different gorgeous dresses that we just had to include in this selection!

Oscar de la Renta

The tweed mini dress by Oscar de la Renta in a creamy white hue is the best example of an excellently interpreted timeless A-cut. This exquisite fashion piece becomes a delicate brilliance thanks to the golden fringes attached to the neck, sleeves and hem.


Balmain presents us an ingenious bouclé blazer dress which rapidly conjures a beautiful silhouette. With flamboyant fringes, colorful metallic threads and brilliant golden buttons, this fashion piece is ideal for a particularly sumptuous entrance.

Festive with Sequins!

And last, but not least: The little white dress attains an exquisitely festive, seductive note with bright sequined fabrics! Heavenly pretty, more charming than conspicuous, this fashion piece should be never missed in your wardrobe, especially if you want to irradiate a gentle light.

Norma Kamali

The sequined dress by Norma Kamali definitively attracted our attention due to its well-defined round neckline and its generously flared body. The the racerback adds a spontaneous, nonchalant touch!

And, what about you? Did you already find your favorite piece in white? Share it with us!

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