LAYERING SCENTS How to combine the Ideal Products of Your Favorite Fragrance Line

A delicious scent never comes alone: Eau de toilettes, body creams, and soaps are just some elements of a well-assorted fragrance line. Know them better, and pick the ones that meet your needs best!

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When we are looking for the right fragrance, it is not only our knowledge of the different fragrance families that plays an important role. As soon as we have identified a fragrance composition that appeals to us most, we are faced with the next question: What do we take with us from the fragrance line? Is it the perfume that we like more? Or maybe the eau de toilette? And of course, also the matching body lotion? Or maybe something richer like the body oil?

For us to make the right decision by choosing the products that actually meet our needs, we should get to know some basics about the different creations of a fragrance line. For this purpose, we take the wide range of Chanel No. 5 under the magnifying glass: We take a look at how perfumes, absolues, eau de toilettes and co. differ from each other, and how we can give them the best use based on their qualities!

First of all: Each product of a fragrance line highlights a facet of the underlying fragrance composition, which can sometimes be floral, sometimes citrus, sometimes deeper or more intense, sometimes lighter or fresher. The decisive factor here is the quantity and quality of the essential oils. The higher the essential oil concentration of a product, the more sumptuous, intensive, and expensive it will be.

Pure luxury: Perfumes, Absolues, and Extraits de Parfum

The indisputable star of a fragrance line, the best representative of the inspiring fragrance universe, is often the perfume: with a fragrance concentration of around 30%, the perfume has a memorable, intense character. The Absolue and the Extrait de Parfum are even more exclusive, even more luxurious: With a rich proportion of up to 40% of precious essential oils, these products represent the noblest versions of their underlying fragrance universe.



As the first and most valuable representative of a proud fragrance line, Chanel presented her perfume Chanel No. 5 in 1921. With a stimulating top note made of ylang-ylang, aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, and neroli, a floral heart note made of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and iris, and an opulent base note made of vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and patchouli, Ernest Beaux composed an innovative iconic fragrance that has become today an absolute classic.

We best wear perfumes, absolues, and extraits de parfum on special occasions, preferably moderately, only a few drops on the neck, décolleté and joints, preferably in the evening or at night, most comfortably in autumn or in winter. These products can be wonderfully combined with leather goods, and are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to coats, jackets, bags, and gloves!

Noble and Elegant: The Eau de Parfum

An eau de parfum appears very noble, yet somewhat more subtle than a perfume, an absolute, and an extrait de parfum. With a fragrance concentration of up to 20% of essential oils, an eau de parfum is still lush and beguiling, but it shows off a somewhat deeper facet of the main composition: Like a more reserved fine lady who still wishes to be remembered as full of expression as ever!



Jacques Polge composed the Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum in 1986. The new interpretation of the fragrance from 1921 focuses on powdery freshness, is slightly lighter than the perfume, and has a confident, if less opulent personality. The top note, still citrusy and this time with a fruity touch, consists of ylang-ylang, aldehydes, neroli, bergamot, and peach. The heart note of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and iris retains the fresh, floral character of the perfume. The base note made of sandalwood, vetiver, moss, patchouli, and bourbon vanilla is a little gentler.

Depending on the composition, eau de parfums are ideal not only in the evening, but also during the day, especially if they focus on fresh, floral notes, and give a stimulating hint of citrus or fruity notes, or a slightly aromatic note. Such a fragrance goes best with high-quality day looks and enhances every outfit with an elegant finish.

Fresh: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau Première & Co.

If you wish a little lighter, but still very refined fragrance flair, the eau de toilette will be the right choice for you. An eau de toilette can have an essential oils concentration of up to 8%, and appear more intense than an eau première, an eau de cologne, or an eau fraîche: the latter with a 3 to 5% share of essential extracts.



Also designed by Jacques Polge in 1986, the Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette has the unmistakable, sophisticated character of the original, but appears fresher and more floral. In addition to ylang-ylang and aldehyde notes, the top note also has citrusy properties with neroli, bergamot, and the maritime freshness of the Amalfi lemon. The heart note, characteristic of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and iris, also gains the delicate, warm, powdery note of the violet root. The base note of vetiver, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, amber, vanilla, and civet provides a dynamic touch.



The Chanel No. 5 Eau Première was launched in summer 2015 and best expresses how the lightest version of a wonderful fragrance composition should work: airy, young and fresher, with the inspiring lightness of a morning summer breeze. In this composition, the top note consists only of neroli, aldehydes and ylang-ylang, and appears more delicate and sunnier than in the more intensive versions. The typically flowery Chanel No. 5 heart note is refreshed and finds the perfect end with a slightly creamy base note made of vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla.



The Chanel N ° 5 L’EAU eau de toilette is extremely refreshing with a harmonious, citrusy top note of lemons, mandarins and oranges, carried by the aldehydes that are characteristic of the fragrance line. The floral heart of rose, delicate jasmine, and fruity ylang-ylang is reinvented and rounded off with the typical N ° 5 character of vetiver, cedar wood, and soft musk notes.

An Eau de Toilette, ein Eau Première, ein Eau de Cologne, or an Eau Fraîche are ideal for everyday use at any time, whether in summer or winter. However, eau de colognes and eau fraîches are a blessing, especially in summer or after exercising, thanks to their distinctive citrus-fresh note, which perfectly stimulates the senses.

Delicious: Shower gels, Soaps, Body lotions & Co.

The soaps, shower gels, body lotions, deodorants, body creams, body oils, hair mist, and scented powders of a fragrance line are indispensable for all those who want to immerse themselves in their favorite fragrance. Some scented creams and oils can even have just the same proportion of essential oils as an eau de toilette, and thus ensure a long-lasting aroma even without the additional use of perfume.



The perfumed soap of Chanel No. 5 focuses on the floral facets of the fragrance line with the unmistakable core notes of rose and jasmine.


The perfumed shower gel of Chanel No. 5 picks up the characteristic female bouquet of the fragrance line and turns it into a fine foam.


The moisturizing body lotion of Chanel No. 5 focuses on the sensual facets of the fragrance line, in which the rose and jasmine play the main role.



The body cream of Chanel No. 5 also pays homage to the unmistakable floral bouquet of the fragrance line and gives it a rich, thoroughly velvety note.


The hair spray of Chanel No. 5 brings out the feminine notes of the fragrance in a gentle hair-protecting composition.

Immediately after showering or bathing with the line’s shower or bath gel, we wear the line’s deodorant and body emulsion if we prefer a light, moisturizing texture. Thebody cream and oils are more intense and rich, ideal for dry or demanding skin. The latter are perfect for feeling the scent on your skin for as long as possible, especially in winter. Combined with the eau de parfum, the body cream and the body oil offer the best alternative for an opulent fragrance aura.

And what about the body powder? The body powder of a fragrance line pampers exactly those women who attach great importance to a delicate feeling on the skin. It is best worn in summer or spring, as a pleasant companion for a lighter eau de toilette or eau première, or in the cold months of the year, in the evening, as a fine finish with the eau de parfum!

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