HOMEMADE BEAUTY 6 Last Minute Beauty Rituals for Natural Cosmetics Fans!

Mums, aunts, and grannies are always full of ideas for homemade beauty care, but when time is short, natural cosmetics brands offer some of the smartest solutions. Wanna know some family secrets?

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Aunt Tessa, then young and resourceful, and sometimes staying with us for days, surprised us one evening with a quick beauty ritual. She was invited to a last minute working dinner, and had less than an hour to “freshen up”. For her, always styled to the smallest detail, this hurry felt like a little catastrophe. After the hard day in the office, she looked very tired, and had not brought any of her wonderful facial masks. An effective emergency solution was hence needed: The perfect opportunity for a homemade facial beauty ritual!

Ritual Nr. 1: Aunt Tessa’s Self-mixed Facial Skin Care

The kitchen was aunt Tessa’s last bastion when it came to skin care: with simple means, she prepared within a few minutes a complete facial care routine that actually worked!

1. The Steam Bath

On the kitchen table, she took first a facial steam bath: She poured boiling water into a large bowl of chamomile tea, approached her face to absorb the steam, and covered her entire head with a large bath towel for about five minutes.

2. The Exfoliation

Immediately afterwards came the self-made exfoliating treatment by mixing a few drops of lemon juice with a pinch of sugar until a mouse-like mass was created. Then she rubbed her face thoroughly with it and rinsed it off with warm water.

3. The Facial Mask

At last, the most important part of her beauty ritual arrived: She applied a self-mixed, slightly sticky concoction of flour and fresh milk to soften and refresh her face and neck for about a quarter of an hour. When she then removed this mask with lukewarm, then ice-cold water, my nine year old me was perplexed: Aunt Tessa suddenly appeared with a rosy, incredibly fresh complexion, and was promptly ready to leave!

Ritual Nr. 2: Mom’s Bright Eyes From the Reading and Tea time

Image: Carl Jeen

Mother mastered the dubious art of looking deep into sleep, even though being wide awake. In the afternoons, she used to seat in the living room with a cup of Darjeeling and a good book, interrupting her reading routine just to throw her head slightly back, and close her eyes for a few minutes. It was then when we thought she was asleep and often tried to take the book out of her hands. She protested quickly with: “I’m not sleeping, I’m doing eye care!”. At some point, she told me why the black tea was a religious part of her reading and eye care routine.

The Self-made Eye Pads

Mother’s eyes were always extremely shiny and lively, without any expensive creams or makeup tricks. Her secret: she used her reading hour every day to practice an extremely effective eye care ritual. The highlight of it all: seeing black! For that she blinked vigorously so many times until she saw correctly and clearly “pure black”. Then, she treated her eyes to a relaxing, lukewarm tea cure. All she needed was a sachet of darjeeling and hot water: she soaked two small cotton pads in the tea, wrung them out gently, and put them on her eyes for a few minutes. Then she blinked again quickly and continued reading until we came to dinner. No wonder why she looked at us with always fresh, bright eyes!

Ritual Nr. 3: Grandma’s Shiny Hair … Ready From the Kitchen!

Mom and aunt Tessa inherited their resourcefulness in terms of home-made beauty from their mother Lise, who always mastered the art of giving the fine family hair more shine and fullness. Grandma Lise immediately recognized if one of her daughters did not apply the ready-to-use care she enthusiastically propagated by bluntly saying: “I don’t like your hair!” Or “You probably don’t have olive oil in the house, do you ?!”

The Quick Deep Conditioner

Pure olive oil was good enough for grandma to immediately get a rich and shiny mane: “If you have time to shower, you also have time to beautify your hair. Before showering, quickly massage a few spoons of olive oil into your hair and comb it to the ends. At the end of the shower, wash and rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and shampoo ”, she used to say, revealing yet another secret: “For extra shine, rinse your hair with cold water and a few drops of lemon juice”. She showed us the result: her hair looked full and shiny until old age!

Ritual Nr. 4: Dr. Hauschka’s Skin Care Rituals

For all those who have even less time for the skin rituals explained above, Dr. Hauschka offers a set of exquisite organic skin care products as a great alternative for different skin types!

1. For Oily Skin

For combination to oily skin, Dr. Hauschka offers a clarifying facial care line, which could not be more complete. The classics of face wash cream, clarifying facial tonic, and day cream are joined by products that are intended to quickly and thoroughly clean and refresh the large-pored skin: a facial steam bath consisting of daisies, nasturtium, and witch hazel opens the pores, and prepares the skin for a cleansing mask from fine healing earth. Then the soothing mask with chamomile extract provides a refreshed, relaxed facial feeling.

2. For Normal to Dry Skin

Normal to dry skin types are also taken care of by Dr. Hauschka. The corresponding facial care line, consisting of cleansing milk, facial toner, revitalizing facial milk, the quince day cream for normal skin, and the rose day cream for mature and dry skin, owes its rich, long-lasting nourishing effects to medicinal plants such as wound clover, witch hazel, carrot, jojoba, and almond oil .

3. For Mature Skin

Finally, mature or demanding skin types get an especial treatment with the regeneration care line of Dr. Hauschka: The eye cream, the day and night serum, the day cream, and the neck and décolleté cream leave just nothing to fate. The revitalizing effect of this line is based on medicinal plants such as quince seeds, brood leaf, red clover, clover flower honey, birch leaves, macadamia nut, and argan oil.

Ritual Nr. 5: Organic Freshness for the Eyes, Quick and Easy!

A tired look says more than a thousand words, and can quickly make us look disinterested or even bored. If we decidedly want to avoid this negative impression, and restore the usual vitality of our eyes, then immediate help is required: In pads or gel form, and preferably from natural cosmetics brands!

The Dead Sea Eye Pads of AHAVA

AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Pads will have a smoothing and relaxing effect on your eyes. The hydrogel inside them contains valuable minerals, is vegan, provides moisture, and promises a cushioning effect.

The Refreshing Eye Compresses of Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka’s Refreshing Eye Compresses offer the proven, calming effect of fennel, chamomile, and black tea, and are particularly suitable for the sensitive tired eyes of allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers.

The Cooling Eye Roll-on Neroli Cassis of Primavera

Gels can be quickly ready to use if we take them in their roll-on versions. Primavera’s Cooling Eye Roll-on Neroli Cassis with liquorice extract and aloe vera, promises to quickly reduce shadows and swellings under the eyes by providing special moisture.

Ritual Nr. 6: Splendorous Hair With Herbal Hair Masks

Oil as a grandmother’s trick for beautiful hair: This is the same essential substance natural cosmetic companies fall back on for healthy hair. The modern technological use of various rich oils and natural extracts make the hair look even richer and more fragrant than ever before. Hair treatments with valuable oils “in the heart” are, for example, Acaraa’s Natural Hair Oil, which provides strong, shiny hair, and can be used as a leave-in or as a hair balm, as well as the organic Logona Jojoba Hair Treatment. The latter is known by its repairing properties, and should be used before shampooing.

What do you think? Do you know more home care rituals or organic care treatments that work real wonders? Share them with us!

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