AS FRESH AS A ROSE 12 Organic Skin Care Products Based on Rose Oil

The regenerative properties of rose oil are known for thousands of years. Today, natural cosmetics brands apply this essence in its organic versions for the beauty of body and soul.

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Over three thousand years ago, the rose plant was highly valued for various reasons: Its beauty adorned the finest gardens, its soothing fragrance became popular with both men and women, and its oil was medicinally essential thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects. Rose oil is considered the first flower essence in human history, and is today the most used essential oil in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Since its first extraction in Babylonian times, rose oil has been extremely effective for skin care and for the aromatic relaxation of the mind.

The Skin Care Effect of Rose Oil

Image: Byrev

The skin care effect of rose oil relies on the antiseptic, antibiotic, regenerative, and antimicrobial properties of its components. In the distillation of the Rosa Damascena oil, for instance, natural substances such as methyl eugenol, nerol, eugenol, or citral are released, which are considered to have particularly healing and regenerating effects. Wild rose oil, the oil of Rosa Canina or Rosa Mosqueta, has similar healing and antiseptic characteristics, as well. Rose oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, moisturizes and promotes blood circulation, which is a blessing for recovery of face and body skin!

Facial Care

Image: Nika Akin

Natural cosmetics brands such as Primavera, Logona, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, and Korres offer entire facial care lines made on the basis of rose oil. They all have one aim in common: the regeneration and sustainable relaxation of stressed or demanding skin!


Primavera’s Revitalizing Nourishing Cream relies on the natural, constructive properties of organic rose and organic pomegranate. Rapidly absorbed, it moisturizes, reduces the signs of aging and absorbs quickly, which makes it ideal for mature and dry skin types.


Logona’s Active Smoothing Day Cream Bio-Damask Rose & Kalpariane offers the promise of youth: Described as actively smoothing, it reduces wrinkles, ensures a long-lasting skin care feeling, protects against free radicals, and actively promotes the skin’s own protective mechanism.

Dr. Hauschka

Particularly suitable for dry, mature, or sensitive skin, the rich Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream helps against redness and offers a restorative, strengthening effect. In its softer version, the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light is intended for protective use on warmer days.


Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Moisturizer cares for normal and combination skin with a regenerating and moisturizing effect. The richer Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Care is suitable for normal and dry skin types, and offers protection against the first signs of aging.

for normal and combination skin


The Korres Wildrose Day Cream is enriched with vitamin C, and with this combination, it offers a particularly regenerating, anti-oxidative effect, which provides dry skin with long-lasting moisture, and specifically helps against pigment spots.

Body Care

Image: Ian Dooley

Brands like Primavera, Dr. Hauschka, and Weleda are some of the most remarkable suppliers of intensive body care based on rich rose oils. In addition, By Terry, Roger & Gallet, and Lavera offer particularly nourishing and delicately fragrant rose-based creams and lotions that invite to dream!


With its rich Rose Osmanthus Bath Oil, Primavera offers a warming, pampering bath ritual with a deeply floral, sensual fragrance, and a moisturizing effect. The correspondent Rose Osmanthus Body Oil acts as a strong aid against premature body aging, and stimulates a sustainable skin regeneration.

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Nurturing Body Oil offers a strengthening and harmonizing effect on body and soul. Intensively moisturizing, it is particularly suitable for dry skin and has a rose scent that works miracles in the relaxation of the mind.


Weleda’s Wild Rose Harmonizing Care Oil is the ideal companion for all skin types. It regulates the skin’s moisture function, and provides elasticity and a relaxed skin care feeling for hours!

By Terry

The body cream Baume De Rose By Terry promises gentle care. It owes its particularly smooth effect to its delicately melting texture, which creates a unique velvety moisture in no time.

Roger & Gallet

Roger & Gallet’s Rose Soothing and Nourrishing Body Lotion has a relaxing effect on body and soul. Revitalizing, nutritive, and non-greasy, this delicate composition of rose extracts and shea butter ensures harmony, due to its delicate fragrance and smooth consistency.


And last but not least, we are happy to recommend Lavera’s Organic Wild Rose Body Lotion with a very smooth, pampering effect as a quick care ritual for after the shower. The great thing: It is ideal for all skin types!

What do you think? Do you also know some rose oil care products that work wonders? Share them with us!

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